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Retirement Plan Consulting

Your employees are your greatest assets. Giving employees high-quality benefits is the best way to ensure they are happy, remain loyal to your company and want to help you make it succeed. And offering a competitive and beneficial retirement plan for employees is vital to a company’s ability to attract and retain valuable talent.

Indeed, your retirement plan is one of the most important benefits you offer your employees. In fact, it may be the only way many are saving for the future. Consequently, you want to be sure that your plan gives your employees the best chance they have at achieving their retirement goals.

We assist our clients with understanding and installing a suite of best practices for their retirement plans designed to meet the ever-changing regulatory environment and to help plan participants understand and reach financial independence. 

A few of the daily challenges we help our clients solve:

Retirement Readiness:  Helping participants understand and plan for their financial independence.

Investment Monitoring:  Plan fiduciaries must demonstrate and document prudence in the selection and maintenance of their investment array.

Plan Fee Benchmarking:  Plan fiduciaries must ensure participant fees are fair.  We monitor, document and benchmark plan fees.   

Participant Education:  Informed participants save more and increase plan effectiveness.  We provide individualized advice to plan participants.

Plan Design:  Ensuring that your current plan provisions meet the objectives of the plan sponsor.

Fiduciary Risk:  Fiduciaries must know how to ensure compliance in the ever-changing regulatory environment.

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