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We're living longer. Are we investing wiser?

We're living longer. Are we investing wiser?

| May 13, 2021

We’re living longer. Are we investing wiser? As our generation faces its golden years, we’re learning more and more about trends in aging and trends in investing.

With a significant portion of the population maturing and retiring, the fact is that most people haven’t prepared financially to achieve lifetime income and some degree of estate protection.

Do you have the $ for a 20-year or 30-year retirement? Most people do not. They have not saved enough through 401(k) accounts and other means to convert into meaningful retirement income. So, they will either go back to work at some point or restrict their retirement lifestyles and ambitions to live on less.

What should you invest in now? All investments carry a degree of risk, yet some are low-risk compared to others. Some even grow at a fixed rate and let you take advantage of stock market gains, while protecting your savings against the impact of stock market losses.

Regardless of what you invest in during retirement, you need to schedule appropriate income withdrawals. Which accounts do you tap first? How much do you withdraw? These are important questions best answered by a retirement income projection.

How much will you need? Don’t guess. Find out. In fact, you can begin to find the answers to your biggest retirement questions today.

Please reach out if you have something on your mind. What you learn could help you to protect your assets and develop a consistent retirement income.